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The launch date for the ‘‘We Care About Clean Air’ campaign has been rescheduled for the start of January 2020. 

We Care About Clean Air: A new campaign to improve air quality outside of our primary schools.


*UPDATE* The launch date for the ‘‘We Care About Clean Air’ campaign has been rescheduled for the start of January 2020. 


This launch date change has created a fantastic opportunity for a handful of schools to join the campaign early as ‘Champion Schools’. These schools will receive early access to the campaign toolkit and free printed materials to help them promote the messages amongst their community. Champion Schools will be fully supported in delivering the campaign and will help shape the resources, ready for the city-wide launch in January 2020.     

 If you would like to nominate your school to be a Champion School, please email Josh@wearemagpie.com. 


A little bit about the campaign…

A new campaign will be launching across Bradford to encourage drivers to switch off their engines whilst waiting outside schools. The campaign will also encourage parents to consider forms of active travel for the school run.

As you may already know, air pollution has been described as the biggest environmental threat to our health – and car idling directly contributes towards this.

Leaving the engine on when a car is stationary causes the air to become polluted with exhaust fumes. Children are particularly vulnerable to the effects of air pollution as their lungs are still developing. Being exposed to air pollution can result in a number of health problems such as asthma and other breathing conditions, as well as heart conditions in later life. School drop off and pick up times can lead to a build up in air pollution due to congestion around the school gates, putting our children at increased risk.

The ‘We Care About Clean Air’ campaign aims to raise awareness of the dangers of leaving your engine running outside school. Together, by encouraging drivers to make one simple change, we can make a difference to the air we all breathe – and in turn, improve the health and happiness of our children.

The campaign will include a pack of resources to help support headteachers, teachers and other school staff to educate pupils and drivers on the issue – all with the aim of encouraging positive change across the school community and improving the air quality outside our schools. 

For more information, please email josh@wearemagpie.com


Published: 11/11/2019
Audience: All
Contact: Rebecca Smith

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