Creating a sister school links with China

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TRUE Education partnerships-opportunity are looking to establish an exciting sister school links with China.

The programme is available through True Education Partnerships, who operate on a Government-level in the UK with local councils and in China with the Ministry of Education. They are working with us to enhance the relationship that we are developing with China and have funding available to initiate a Sister School Partnership.

The Sister School Partnership programme gives UK schools the opportunity to build an ongoing, active relationship that will create many opportunities for students and the entire school community.

Benefits of the Sister School Partnerships for schools:

  • Offer immersive education experiences through student exchanges
  • Encourage cultural tolerance and highlight diversity
  • Meet expectations of >Ofsted framework
  • Make your school more competitive and attractive to parents
  • Increase confidence and enthusiasm for foreign language learning
  • Broaden your school's international networks and access to new approaches to teaching and learning
  • Unique opportunity for CPD activities for staff

The partnership is formally initiated with a Headteacher Delegation to China to meet with your sister school. This trip is fully refundable once your partnership is established and student trips are arranged.

Alternatively, True Education Partnerships invite schools to join ‘Hosting Unleashed’, which is a funded programme open to anyone who would like to host a group of Chinese students and teachers in their school. We have found this programme serves as a great introduction to Sister School Partnerships for students and teachers alike.

Interested schools can attend a meeting at Upper Batley High School, Batley Field Hill, Batley, WF17 0BJ on 25 September at 3.30pm.

If you would like to contact True Education Partnerships directly to arrange a meeting, here are their details:



If True education partnerships get enough interested schools, they will put on a presentation in Bradford to enable discussions and answers to questions personally so get in touch and register your interest.


Published: 16/09/2019
Audience: Schools
Contact: Toni Camilleri

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