The Bradford Behaviours Framework Briefing Sessions: Unlocking potential

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“What is the impact of the way you behave?” The Bradford Behaviours help us raise our standards and make the Council a better place to work for everyone. The Behaviours are Positive, Engaging, Responsible and Flexible.

The 'Bradford Behaviours' have been created by staff for staff. They represent how we perform at work and our expectations of each other. They determine how we are perceived by customers, colleagues and other contacts.

Having the right behaviours helps us raise our standards and makes the Council a better place to work for everyone.

Our four behaviours are:

  • Positive - Being enthusiastic about the district and displaying a 'can do' attitude to our work and the services we support.
  • Engaging - Working with colleagues and stakeholders in a supportive and collaborative way, while listening to and valuing others' views.
  • Responsible - Demonstrating clear understanding of roles and responsibilities and being able to link goals and objectives to the Council's priorities.
  • Flexible - Responding quickly and effectively to change while embracing and supporting new ways of working.

The Bradford Behaviours framework recognises behaviour at four different levels:

  • not demonstrated
  • demonstrated
  • strong
  • inspirational

These levels indicate how we measure performance, to support development and progression and to identify poor behaviours and underperformance. Under each level there are a number of descriptions to explain the behaviours and bring them to life.

The Workforce Development Service colleagues have arranged a number of drop in briefing sessions from September to December that are open to all staff to come along, engage and find out more on the Bradford Behaviours Framework. 

The session will:

  • Introduce the Bradford Behaviours Framework
  • Explore how the behaviours be used at work
  • Undertake practical exercises to support you in implementing the behaviours in your work setting.

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  • You can watch the video on YouTube - you may need to have Google Chrome installed on your computer.
  • The soundtrack to the video is music so you can still watch even if you don't have speakers. Or why not plug in some headphones to your computer.

Could managers please make this information available for those staff who don't have access to a computer please.


Published: 31/08/2017
Audience: All staff in Bradford Schools who are employed by Bradford Council
Contact: Mena Monnan

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