Childcare free entitlement-30 hours Priority Areas for the test bed school

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Good and outstanding primary and nursery schools in the 13 priority areas have been invited to express an interest in testing a flexible model for working parents to inform planning for full deliveryof the childcare free entitlement- 30 hours in September 2017.

Bradford Local Authority  is an Early Innovator Implementer for 30 hours extended childcare with a focus on Work Incentives.  One of the key outcomes on the delivery plan is to test the impact of new entitlement on working patterns by developing flexible school-based provision.

A school based approach will provide the opportunity to test out innovative partnership working. The approach will help inform planning by testing out the degree to which families move into/increase employment as well as the extent to which families substitute formal care for informal care.

This document details the Priority Test Bed Area


Published: 06/07/2016
Audience: Private, voulntary and independent sector
Contact: Diane Lupton

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