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Abbey Green Nursery School & Children's Centre Mrs Virginia Robinson Green Lane, Bradford, BD8 8HT 01274 722070
Addingham Primary School Miss Hilary Cave Bolton Road, Ilkley, LS29 0NR 01943 830298
All Saints CofE Primary School (Bradford) Mr John Davie 1 Little Horton Green, Bradford, BD5 0NG 01274 415222
All Saints' CofE Primary School (Ilkley) Mrs Michele Robinson Easby Drive, Ilkley, LS29 9BE 01943 607852
Allerton Children's Centre Avenel Road, Bradford, BD15 7PQ 01274 544922
Appleton Academy Ms Helen Jones Woodside Road, Bradford, BD12 8AL 01274 600550
Ashlands Primary School Dr Andrew Soutar Leeds Road, Ilkley, LS29 8JY 01943 609050
Atlas Community Primary School Mrs Lisa Simpson Lincoln Close, Bradford, BD8 8DL 01274 495190
Baildon Children's Centre West Lane, Shipley, BD17 5DH 01274 435090
Baildon CofE Primary School Mrs Mary Connor Coverdale Way, Shipley, BD17 6TE 01274 598540
Bankfoot Primary School Mrs Juliet Wright Bolingbroke Street, Bradford, BD5 9NR 01274 732068
Barkerend Children's Centre Barkerend Road, Bradford, BD3 8QX 01274 437300
Barkerend Primary Leadership Academy Mrs Ann Winter Hendford Drive, Bradford, BD3 0QT 01274 773003
Beckfoot Allerton Primary School and Nursery Mrs Kate Horton Garforth Street, Bradford, BD15 7HB 01274 541587
Beckfoot Heaton Primary Mrs Zoe Mawson Haworth Road, Bradford, BD9 6LL 01274 363070
Beckfoot Nessfield Ms Linda Hanson Nessfield Drive, Keighley, BD22 6NP 01535 665628
Beckfoot Oakbank Miss Tina Smith Oakworth Road, Keighley, BD22 7DU 01535 210111
Beckfoot Phoenix Mrs Rachel Stirland Braithwaite Avenue, Keighley, BD22 6HZ 01535 607038
Beckfoot Priestthorpe Primary School & Nursery Mrs Christina Gunning Mornington Road, Bingley, BD16 4JS 01274 564879
Beckfoot School Mr Simon Wade Wagon Lane, Bingley, BD16 1EE 01274 771444
Beckfoot Thornton Mr Jeremy Richardson Leaventhorpe Lane, Bradford, BD13 3BH 01274 881082
Beckfoot Upper Heaton Mr Graeme Wrightson Thorn Lane, Bradford, BD9 6ND 01274 493533
Beechcliffe Special School & Ash Valley College Mrs Sue Haithwaite Green Head Road, Keighley, BD20 6ED 01535 603041
Belle Vue Girls' Academy Mr Stephen Mulligan Thorn Lane, Bradford, BD9 6NA 01274 492341
Ben Rhydding Primary School Mr Glen Hartford Bolling Road, Ilkley, LS29 8QH 01943 431133
BHT Early Education and Training HolmeWood Teasdale Street, Bradford, BD4 7QJ 01274 470141
Bierley Children's Centre Newhall Road, Bradford, BD4 6AF 01274 653917
Bingley Grammar School Mr Luke Weston Keighley Road, Bingley, BD16 2RS 01274 807700
Bingley Rural Children's Centre Littlelands, Bingley, BD16 1AL 01274 518280
Blakehill Primary School Mr Trevor Patterson Highfield Road, Bradford, BD10 8QN 01274 414355
Bowling Park Primary - Usher Street Site Usher Street, Bradford, BD4 7DS 01274 723255
Bowling Park Primary School Mr Matthew Langley New Cross Street, Bradford, BD5 8BT 01274 770270
Brackenhill Primary School Ms Helen Metcalf Dracup Road, Bradford, BD7 4HA 01274 578286
Bradford Academy Mrs Tehmina Hashmi Teasdale Street, Bradford, BD4 7QJ 01274 256789
Bradford Alternative Provision Academy Central Mr Trevor Loft Baker Street, Shipley, BD18 3JE 01274 585318
Bradford College Mr Chris Webb Great Horton Road, Bradford, BD7 1AY 01274 753333
Bradford District PRU Anerley Street, Bradford, BD4 7SY 01274 729402
Bradford Forster Academy Mrs Wendy Adeniji Fenby Avenue, Bradford, BD4 8RG 01274 302400
Bradford Girls' Grammar School Mrs Kathryn Mathews Squire Lane, Bradford, BD9 6RB 01274 545395
Bronte Girls' Academy Mrs Rehana Shafquat Bolling Road, Bradford, BD4 7EB 01274 044055
Burley and Woodhead CofE Primary School Mrs Joanne Siddall Sandholme Drive, Ilkley, LS29 7RQ 01943 862739
Burley Oaks Primary School Mrs Claire Lee Langford Lane, Ilkley, LS29 7EJ 01943 862642
Burnett Fields Children and Family Centre Greaves Street, Bradford, BD5 7PE
Buttershaw Business & Enterprise College Academy Miss Ruth Hartley Reevy Road West, Bradford, BD6 3PX 01274 676285
Byron Primary School Mr Richard O'Sullivan Barkerend Road, Bradford, BD3 0AB 01274 722981
Canterbury Children's Centre Basil Street, Bradford, BD5 9HL
Canterbury Nursery School and Centre for Children Mrs Jackie Bracewell Basil Street, Bradford, BD5 9HL 01274 574539
Carlton Bolling Mrs Jane Girt Undercliffe Lane, Bradford, BD3 0DU 01274 633111
Carrwood Primary School Mrs Nicola Kilvington Eversley Drive, Bradford, BD4 0EQ 01274 664864
Cavendish Primary School Mrs Noreen Dunn Hall Road, Bradford, BD2 2DU 01274 772175
Chellow Heights Special School Mrs Susan Haithwaite Thorn Lane, Bradford, BD9 6RY 01274 484242
Christ Church Church of England Academy Mrs Philippa Foster Wrose Brow Road, Shipley, BD18 2NT 01274 410349
Clayton St John CofE Primary School Miss Michelle Hargreaves Bradford Road, Bradford, BD14 6DD 01274 815862
Clayton Village Primary School Miss Rebecca Cradock John Street, Bradford, BD14 6AD 01274 414115
Communityworks Children's Centre Undercliffe Lane, Bradford, BD3 0DW 01274 200589
Co-op Academy Delius Miss Sally Joy Barkerend Road, Bradford, BD3 8QX 01274 666472
Co-op Academy Grange Mrs Alison Mander Haycliffe Lane, Bradford, BD5 9ET 01274 779662
Co-op Academy Parkland Miss Georgina Graham Old Park Road, Bradford, BD10 9BG 01274 611512
Co-op Academy Princeville Mr Ryan Lewis Willowfield Street, Bradford, BD7 2AH 01274 573298
Co-op Academy Southfield Mr Dominic Wall Haycliffe Lane, Bradford, BD5 9ET 01274 779662
Copthorne Primary School Miss Stephanie Ngenda All Saints Road, Bradford, BD7 3AY 01274 501460
Cottingley Village Primary School Mrs Nichola Geale Cottingley Moor Road, Bingley, BD16 1SY 01274 567545
Crossflatts Primary School Mrs Nicola Bennett Morton Lane, Bingley, BD16 2EP 01274 782070
Crossley Hall Children's Centre Thornton Road, Bradford, BD8 0HJ 01274 544922
Crossley Hall Primary School Mr Chris Young/ Mr Michael Thorp Thornton Road, Bradford, BD8 0HJ 01274 488703
Cullingworth Village Primary School Mrs Kate Sutcliffe New School Lane, Bradford, BD13 5DA 01535 273839
Daisy Chain Children's Centre Elliott Street, Keighley, BD20 0DE
Denholme Primary School Mr Malcolm Campbell Minorca Mount, Bradford, BD13 4AY 01274 832123
Dixons Allerton Academy Miss Clare Skelding Rhodesway, Bradford, BD8 0DH 01274 770230
Dixons City Academy Mr Michael Feely Ripley Street, Bradford, BD5 7RR 01274 776777
Dixons Cottingley Academy Miss Clare Skelding/ Mr Jason Patterson Cottingley New Road, Bingley, BD16 1TZ 01274 567281
Dixons Free Sixth Form Mr Mark Rothery Bowling Old Lane, Bradford, BD5 7JR 01274 089770
Dixons Kings Academy Mr Neil Miley Northside Road, Bradford, BD7 2AN 01274 449706
Dixons Manningham Academy Mrs Terri Leighton Wood Street, Bradford, BD8 8HY 01274 731695
Dixons Marchbank Primary Mrs Helen Haunch Barkerend Road, Bradford, BD3 8QQ 01274 772154
Dixons McMillan Academy Mr Wesley Davies Trinity Road, Bradford, BD5 0JE 01274 424350
Dixons Music Primary Mr Luke Robbins-Ross/ Mrs Michelle Long Trinity Road, Bradford, BD5 0BE 01274 424350
Dixons Trinity Academy Mr Luke Sparkes Trinity Road, Bradford, BD5 0BE 01274 424350
East Morton CofE Primary School Mrs Kathryn Savage Street Lane, Keighley, BD20 5SE 01274 569447
Eastburn Junior and Infant School Mrs Jo Waterhouse Green Close, Keighley, BD20 8UX 01535 653293
Eastwood Community School Mrs Suzanne Carter Victoria Avenue, Keighley, BD21 3JL 01535 610212
Eden Boys' Leadership Academy, Bradford Miss Robina Naznine Thornbury Road, Bradford, BD3 8DF 01274 280350
Eldwick Primary School Mr Daniel Lomas Warren Lane, Bingley, BD16 3LE 01274 568361
Ellar Carr Mr Colin Douro Ellar Carr Road, Bradford, BD10 0TD 01274 619504
Fagley Children's Centre Falsgrave Avenue, Bradford, BD2 3PU 01274 770434
Fagley Primary School Mrs Chris Parfitt Falsgrave Avenue, Bradford, BD2 3PU 01274 771124
Farcliffe and Lilycroft Children and Family Centre Toller Lane, Bradford, BD8 8QH 01274 436700
Farfield Primary and Nursery School Mrs Susan Convery Reevy Crescent, Bradford, BD6 2BS 01274 678545
Farnham Primary School Mr David Quick/ Mrs Baljit Bains Stratford Road, Bradford, BD7 3HU 01274 573297
Farnham Road Children's Centre Farnham Road, Bradford, BD7 3JE 01274 544922
Fearnville Primary School Mrs A Gray Fearnville Drive, Bradford, BD4 8DX 01274 664661
Feversham Academy Ms Sajida Muneer Cliffe Road, Bradford, BD3 0LT 01274 559500
Feversham Primary Academy Mr Naveed Idrees Harewood Street, Bradford, BD3 9EG 01274 721751
Foxhill Primary School Mrs Sally Hey Brighouse And Denholme Road, Bradford, BD13 1LN 01274 882426
Frizinghall and Heaton Village Children's Centre Shipley Fields Road, Shipley, BD18 2DH 01274 437070
Frizinghall Primary School Mrs Victoria Merriman Salisbury Road, Bradford, BD9 4HP 01274 543072
Gateway Children's Centre Thackeray Road, Bradford, BD10 0JR 01274 634800
Girlington Primary School Mrs Kathryn Swales Kensington Street, Bradford, BD8 9NR 01274 493543
Glenaire Primary School Mrs Joanne Wilkinson Thompson Lane, Shipley, BD17 7LY 01274 582514
Green Lane Primary School Mrs Jane Townend Green Lane, Bradford, BD8 8HT 01274 774644
Greengates Primary Academy Mr Andrew Gaunt 31 Stockhill Road, Bradford, BD10 9AX 01274 611324
Grove House Primary School Miss Lynette Clapham/ Mr Michael Thorp Myers Lane, Bradford, BD2 4ED 01274 636921
Hanson School Mr Richard Woods Sutton Avenue, Bradford, BD2 1JP 01274 776200
Harden Primary School Mrs Kirsty Hutchinson Long Lane, Bingley, BD16 1LJ 01535 273847
Haworth Primary School Mrs Paula Howe Rawdon Road, Keighley, BD22 8DW 01535 642359
Hazelbeck Special School Miss Beth McPhail Wagon Lane, Bingley, BD16 1EE 01274 777107
Heaton Children's Centre Haworth Road, Bradford, BD9 6LL 01274 363070
Heaton St Barnabas' CofE Aided Primary School Mrs Diane Smith Rossefield Road, Bradford, BD9 4DA 01274 545019
High Crags Primary Leadership Academy Mrs Helen Ray Pratt Lane, Shipley, BD18 2ES 01274 584068
High Park School Mrs Ann Andrew Thorn Lane, Bradford, BD9 6RY 01274 696740
Highfield Children's Centre Drewry Road, Keighley, BD21 2QG 01535 618485
Hill Top CofE Primary School Mr Desmond Martin Common Road, Bradford, BD12 0TL 01274 678386
Hirst Wood Nursery School & Children's Centre Mrs Jayne Taylor Carlton Avenue, Shipley, BD18 4NJ 01274 584368
Hollingwood Primary School Mr Jonathan Duke Hollingwood Lane, Bradford, BD7 4BE 01274 575353
Holme Wood Children's Centre Haslemere Close, Bradford, BD4 9EB
Holybrook Primary School Mr Chris Lloyd/ Mrs Christabel Shepherd Rillington Mead, Bradford, BD10 0EF 01274 611327
Holycroft Primary School Mr Geoffrey Morrison Victoria Road, Keighley, BD21 1JF 01535 604183
Home Farm Primary School Mrs Joanne Poole Home Farm Close, Bradford, BD6 3NR 01274 777020
Horton Grange Primary School Miss Rebecca Marshall Spencer Road, Bradford, BD7 2EU 01274 573287
Horton Park Primary School Mrs Salma Rahman Dawnay Road, Bradford, BD5 9LQ 01274 574544
Hoyle Court Primary School Mr Tim Phillips Fyfe Grove, Shipley, BD17 6DN 01274 581898
Idle CofE Primary School Mr John Bowers Booth Royd Drive, Bradford, BD10 8LU 01274 410111
Ilkley Grammar School Ms Helen Williams Cowpasture Road, Ilkley, LS29 8TR 01943 608424
Immanuel College Mrs Jane Tiller Leeds Road, Bradford, BD10 9AQ 01274 425900
Ingrow Primary School Mrs Angela Vinnicombe/ Mrs Annette Campbell Broomhill Avenue, Keighley, BD21 1BW 01535 603868
Iqra Academy Mrs Shahnaz Anwar-Bleem Drummond Road, Bradford, BD8 8DA 01274 773350
Keelham Primary School Miss Debra Butler Well Heads, Bradford, BD13 4HH 01274 832491
Keighley St Andrew's CofE Primary School and Nurse Mrs Rachel Whitham Lustre Street, Keighley, BD21 2ND 01535 604656
Killinghall Primary School Mrs Claire Spencer Killinghall Road, Bradford, BD3 7JF 01274 771166
Knowleswood Primary School Mrs Noreen Dunn Knowles Lane, Bradford, BD4 9AE 01274 778177
Laisterdyke Leadership Academy Mrs Karen Jones Thornbury Road, Bradford, BD3 8HE 01274 401140
Lapage Primary School and Nursery Mrs Shabana Khan Barkerend Road, Bradford, BD3 8QX 01274 669100
Laycock Primary School Mrs Juliet Nove Laycock Lane, Keighley, BD22 0PP 01535 605916
Leeds City College Not Set Bradford Road, Keighley, BD21 4HQ 01535 685000
Lees Primary School Mr Edward Whitehead Haworth Road, Keighley, BD22 9DL 01535 643320
Ley Top Primary School Mrs Sandra Rouse Avenel Road, Bradford, BD15 7PQ 01274 541554
Lidget Green Children's Centre Birks Fold, Bradford, BD7 2QN 01274 544922
Lidget Green Primary School Mrs Christine Moran Birks Fold, Bradford, BD7 2QN 01274 579576
Lilycroft Nursery School Mrs Sian Hudson/ Ms Anne-Marie Merifield Lilycroft Road, Bradford, BD9 5AD 01274 545647
Lilycroft Primary School Ms Nicola Roth Lilycroft Road, Bradford, BD9 5AD 01274 543357
Lister Primary School Mrs Gaynor Kilmister Scotchman Road, Bradford, BD9 5AT 01274 401060
Little Lane Children's Centre Little Lane, Ilkley, LS29 8HZ
Long Lee Primary School Mrs Angela Vinnicombe Cherry Tree Rise, Keighley, BD21 4RU 01535 603986
Low Ash Primary School Mrs Beth Medhurst/ Mrs Fiona Meer Wrose Road, Shipley, BD18 1AA 01274 582927
Low Fold Children and Family Centre Exley Road, Keighley, BD21 1LT 01535 618300
Low Moor CofE Primary School Mrs Yvonne Broadbent Park House Road, Bradford, BD12 0NN 01274 600797
Lower Fields Primary Academy Mrs Alexandra Gavin Fenby Avenue, Bradford, BD4 8RG 01274 770312
Margaret McMillan Primary School Mrs Lorraine Martin Scotchman Road, Bradford, BD9 5DF 01274 495934
Marshfield Primary School Mrs Victoria Hartford Thornton Lane, Bradford, BD5 9DS 01274 573295
Menston and Burley Children's Centre Main Street, Ilkley, LS29 6HT
Menston Primary School Mr Iain Jones St Peters Way, Ilkley, LS29 6NY 01943 873180
Merlin Top Primary Academy Mrs Lesley Heathcote Braithwaite Avenue, Keighley, BD22 6HZ 01535 210028
Midland Road Nursery School Mrs Virginia Robinson Bateman Street, Bradford, BD8 7DJ 01274 546492
Miriam Lord Community Primary School Mr Bryan Harrison Bavaria Place, Bradford, BD8 8RG 01274 496611
Mortimer House Children's Centre Mortimer Avenue, Bradford, BD3 7EY 01274 262740
Myrtle Park Primary School Mrs Sarah Crowther Ash Terrace, Bingley, BD16 1HB 01274 564681
Newby Primary School Mrs Sara Rawnsley Ryan Street, Bradford, BD5 7DQ 01274 772208
Newhall Park Primary School Mrs Karren El Kheir Newhall Road, Bradford, BD4 6AF 01274 778577
Oakworth Primary School Miss Beki Vargassoff Colne Road, Keighley, BD22 7HX 01535 642309
Oasis Academy Lister Park Mr Ian Simpson North Avenue, Bradford, BD8 7ND 01274 362050
Oastlers School Mrs Lyndsey Brown Flockton Road, Bradford, BD4 7RH 01274 307456
Oldfield Primary School Mr James Travers Oldfield Lane, Keighley, BD22 0HZ 01535 642394
One In A Million Free School Mr Stuart Rees Cliffe Terrace, Bradford, BD8 7DX 01274 723 439
Our Lady and St Brendan's Catholic Primary School Mrs Julie Morris Bank, Bradford, BD10 0QA 01274 611992
Our Lady of Victories Catholic School Mr John Devlin Guard House Road, Keighley, BD22 6JP 01535 607149
Owlet Children and Family Centre Owlet Road, Shipley, BD18 2JG 01535 605272
Owlet Children and Family Centre Sandhill Mount, Bradford, BD10 8EZ 01274 323106
Oxenhope CofE Primary School Mrs Alice Jones Cross Lane, Keighley, BD22 9LH 01535 642271
Parkland Children's Centre Old Park Road, Bradford, BD10 9BG 01274 617365
Parkside School Mr Andrew Taylor Parkside Terrace, Bradford, BD13 5AD 01535 272752
Parkwood Primary School Mr Richard Ballantine Parkwood Street, Keighley, BD21 4QH 01535 603832
Peel Park Primary School and Nursery Mr Lloyd Mason-Edwards Peel Park Drive, Bradford, BD2 4PR 01274 639377
Poplars Farm Primary School Mrs Joanna Speak Poplars Park Road, Bradford, BD2 1LQ 01274 307490
Primary Pupil Referral Unit Miss Kirsty Ratcliffe Avenue Road, Bradford, BD5 8DB 01274 735298
Princeville Children's Centre Princeville Street, Bradford, BD7 2AG 01274 544922
QUBE Learning 9 Rawson Place, Bradford, BD1 3QQ
Queensbury Academy Mr Richard Hanson Deanstones Lane, Bradford, BD13 2AS 01274 882214
Rainbow Children's Centre Braithwaite Grove, Keighley, BD22 6JB 01535 604687
Rainbow Primary School Dame Naila Zaffar Nelson Street, Bradford, BD5 0HD 01274 221400
Reevy Hill Children's Centre Bedale Drive, Bradford, BD6 3ST 01274 434940
Reevy Hill Primary School Mr Mick McKenna Bedale Drive, Bradford, BD6 3ST 01274 677549
Riddlesden St Mary's CofE Primary School Mrs Linda Wright Grange Road, Keighley, BD20 5AB 01535 210002
Russell Hall Primary School Mrs Andrea Grist West End, Bradford, BD13 2AW 01274 882116
Ryecroft Primary Academy Mr Chris Walton/ Mr Chris Walton Kesteven Close, Bradford, BD4 0LS 01274 683128
Saltaire Primary School Mr Robert Whitehead Albert Road, Shipley, BD18 4NR 01274 584093
Sandal Primary School Mrs Louise Dale West Lane, Shipley, BD17 5DH 01274 598115
Sandy Lane Primary School Mr John Cooper Cottingley Road, Bradford, BD15 9JU 01274 546493
Shibden Head Primary Academy Mrs Sarah Thornton Hainsworth Moor Grove, Bradford, BD13 2ND 01274 882458
Shipley CofE Primary School Mrs Angela Smith Otley Road, Shipley, BD18 2PT 01274 583900
Shirley Manor Primary School Mrs Heather Lacey Methuen Oval, Bradford, BD12 8SA 01274 679320
Silsden Primary School Mr Karl Russell Hothfield Street, Keighley, BD20 0BB 01535 653290
Southmere Primary Academy Mrs Rachael Binns/ Mrs Tricia Gavins Ewart Street, Bradford, BD7 3NR 01274 575178
St Anne's Catholic Primary School Mr John Devlin North Street, Keighley, BD21 3AD 01535 210600
St Anthony's Catholic Primary School (Clayton) Mrs Madeleine Bannister Bradford Road, Bradford, BD14 6HW 01274 414761
St Anthony's Catholic Primary School (Shipley) Mrs Elizabeth Snelling High Busy Lane, Shipley, BD18 1HD 01274 592738
St Bede's & St Joseph's Catholic College Mr Lawrence Bentley Cunliffe Road, Bradford, BD8 7AP 01274 941941
St Clare's Catholic Primary School Mrs Carmel Utting Fagley Road, Bradford, BD2 3JD 01274 637841
St Columba's Catholic Primary School Mrs Anna Gautrey Tong Street, Bradford, BD4 9PY 01274 681961
St Cuthbert & The First Martyrs' Catholic Primary Mr Daniel Copley Scotchman Road, Bradford, BD9 5AT 01274 543445
St Edmund's Nursery School & Children's Centre Mrs Sian Hudson Washington Street, Bradford, BD8 9QW 01274 543282
St Francis' Catholic Primary School Mr Daniel Copley Myers Lane, Bradford, BD2 4ES 01274 638520
St John the Evangelist Catholic Primary School Mr Ben Lavin Beacon Road, Bradford, BD6 3DQ 01274 679030
St John's CofE Primary School Mr Andrew Knight Dawson Lane, Bradford, BD4 6JF 01274 681959
St Joseph's Catholic Primary Academy (Keighley) Mr John Devlin Queens Road, Keighley, BD21 1AR 01535 605880
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School (Bingley) Mrs Louise Robinson Crownest Road, Bingley, BD16 4HQ 01274 564883
St Joseph's Catholic Primary School (Bradford) Mrs Catherine Markham Clayton Lane, Bradford, BD5 0RB 01274 727970
St Luke's CofE Primary School Mrs Gemma Zulu Fagley Lane, Bradford, BD2 3NS 01274 639374
St Mary's and St Peter's Catholic Primary School Mrs Michelle Khambhaita Leeds Road, Bradford, BD3 9ND 01274 773977
St Matthew's Catholic Primary School Mrs Katy Cox Saffron Drive, Bradford, BD15 7NE 01274 541737
St Matthew's CofE Primary School and Nursery Mrs Kay Remmer Ivy House Road, Bradford, BD5 8FG 01274 731693
St Oswald's Church of England Primary Academy Miss Gillian Wilson Cross Lane, Bradford, BD7 3JT 01274 573396
St Paul's CofE Primary School Mrs Catherine Palmer St Pauls Avenue, Bradford, BD6 1ST 01274 679183
St Philip's CofE Primary School Miss Michelle Hargreaves Whitby Terrace, Bradford, BD8 9JL 01274 546496
St Stephen's CofE Primary School Mr Paul Urry Gaythorne Road, Bradford, BD5 7HU 01274 731698
St Walburga's Catholic Primary School Mrs Elizabeth Snelling Victoria Park, Shipley, BD18 4RL 01274 531102
St William's Catholic Primary School Miss Fiona Parker Young Street, Bradford, BD8 9RG 01274 545743
St Winefride's Catholic Primary Academy Mr Ben Lavin St Pauls Avenue, Bradford, BD6 1SR 01274 677705
Stanbury Village School Mr Graham Swinbourne Main Street, Keighley, BD22 0HA 01535 642270
Steeton Primary School Mr John Cooper/ Mr Kevin Wheeler Market Street, Keighley, BD20 6NN 01535 653315
Stocks Lane Primary School Mrs Nicola Kilvington Stocks Lane, Bradford, BD13 2RH 01274 880569
Strong Close Nursery School Mrs Helen Jones Airedale Road, Keighley, BD21 4LW 01535 605272
Swain House Primary School Mrs Dianne Richardson Radcliffe Avenue, Bradford, BD2 1JL 01274 639049
Thackley Primary School Mr Trevor Patterson Town Lane, Bradford, BD10 8PJ 01274 414437
The Academy At St. James Mr Christopher Tolson Chelwood Drive, Bradford, BD15 7YD 01274 777095
The Holy Family Catholic School Mr Martin Hings Spring Gardens Lane, Keighley, BD20 6LH 01535 210212
The Sacred Heart Catholic Primary School Ms Moira Hogan Valley Drive, Ilkley, LS29 8NL 01943 609578
Thornbury Primary Leadership Academy Mrs Clare Daddy Dick Lane, Bradford, BD3 7AU 01274 665812
Thornton Children's Centre Thornton Road, Bradford, BD13 3NN 01274 544922
Thornton Primary School Mrs Elizabeth Davison Thornton Road, Bradford, BD13 3NN 01274 833839
Thorpe Primary School Mrs Deborah Cooksey Albion Road, Bradford, BD10 9PY 01274 414126
Titus Salt School Mr Ian Morrel Higher Coach Road, Shipley, BD17 5RH 01274 258969
Tong Leadership Academy Mr Daniel Styles Westgate Hill Street, Bradford, BD4 6NR 01274 681455
TRACKS Mrs Hannah Whittaker 21 Owlet Road, Shipley, BD18 2LU 01274 582995
Treetops Children's Centre Rawdon Road, Keighley, BD22 8DW 01535 618083
Trinity 5-Rise Children's Centre John Escritt Road, Bingley, BD16 2ST 01274 435850
Trinity All Saints CofE VA Primary School Mrs Donna Russell Church Street, Bingley, BD16 2PP 01274 564977
Tyersal Children's Centre Kyffin Place, Bradford, BD4 8NB 01274 668881
University Academy Keighley Mr Jon Skurr Green Head Road, Keighley, BD20 6EB 01535 210333
Victoria Hall Children's Centre Station Road, Bradford, BD13 1AE 01274 432690
Victoria Primary School Mrs Jane Dark Cartmel Road, Keighley, BD21 2RD 01535 210110
Wellington Primary School Mrs Joy Wood Dudley Hill Road, Bradford, BD2 3DE 01274 774446
Westbourne Primary School Mr Mathew Atkinson Skinner Lane, Bradford, BD8 7PL 01274 483138
Westminster Church of England Primary Academy Miss Nicola White Westminster Road, Bradford, BD3 0HW 01274 648490
Whetley Academy Miss Rebecca Stansfield Whetley Lane, Bradford, BD8 9HZ 01274 543711
Wibsey Primary School Mr Nigel Cooper North Road, Bradford, BD6 1RL 01274 678016
Wilsden Primary School Mr Andrew Chadwick/ Mrs Liz Davison Tweedy Street, Bradford, BD15 0AE 01535 272263
Woodlands Church of England Primary Academy Miss Karen Webster Mill Carr Hill Road, Bradford, BD12 7EZ 01274 678385
Woodroyd Children's Centre Woodroyd Road, Bradford, BD5 8EL
Woodside Academy Mr David Harrison Fenwick Drive, Bradford, BD6 2PG 01274 414350
Woodside Children's Centre Fenwick Drive, Bradford, BD6 2PG 01274 433555
Worth Valley Primary School Miss Ceinwen Lodge Bracken Bank Crescent, Keighley, BD22 7AX 01535 604240
Worthinghead Primary School Mrs Lillian Sharp Wyke Lane, Bradford, BD12 9EL 01274 414904
Wycliffe CofE Primary School Mrs Denise Baxter Saltaire Road, Shipley, BD18 3HZ 01274 584779
Wyke Children's Centre Huddersfield Road, Bradford, BD12 8AA 01274 606881