Capturning Early Years Children's Views for the Education, Health and Care

Quality First Training Course 15th October 2014, 9 - 12am Future House £90pp Apply via courses desk

Participants will gain an increased understanding of how young children demonstrate their views in a variety of ways.

Participants will idnetify ways young children's views can be incorporated into the EHCP process.

Comprehending the non verbal and non  conventional behaviours demonstrated by young children.

  • Why we get young children’s views.
  • Challenges to getting young children’s views.
  • The use of young children's views - ethical and legal considerations.
  • Using  IT to gain views.
  • Incorporating young children's views into the new EHCP process.



Published: 02/10/2014
Audience: EYFS practitioners / Sencos
Contact: Ruth Dennis

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