Talking Children School Banners

A Talking Children School Banner was sent to every school in the district in the summer term 2013, as a way of encouraging talk at home.

Many schools have their banner on their school gates and are using them to great effect.   Are you using yours?

Some ideas to get you started:

•          What if the weekend was five days long?

•          What if everything was free?

•          If I was asked to write a book, I would write about…

•          What if video games had never been invented?

•          Football players deserve to get paid more than doctors.

•          What if there were no police?

•          What if there were no cars?

•          What if school wasn’t compulsory?

•          Animals shouldn’t be used in circuses.

Where to get a replacement banner…..

•          Design and Print Services, Bradford Council

•          Nick Milton: 01274 432302


•          Cost for one banner is £47.54 [plus VAT], delivery would be additional to this


Published: 24/09/2014
Audience: All schools
Contact: Carol Satterthwaite

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