Curriculum Innovation Subscription - Early Bird deadline this Friday 19 Sep

The Curriculum Innovation Service is a fully traded team within Bradford Council's Children's Services which brings together the experience and expertise of educationalists, consultants, technologists and media professionals to consult on a wide range of projects and initiatives.

A Curriculum Innovation subscription package allows access to a range of discounted resources and provision providing schools with a cost effective solution to meet their ICT / computing needs.

The packages

The annual subscription service has proved to be very popular with schools over the years allowing them to 'bulk' purchase provision to meet their JPD (Joint Professional Delivery) needs with regard to the effective use of new and emerging technologies and 3rd millennium learning in a cost effective manner.

There are now 3 types of subscription offering to meet your needs.

Standard subscriptions: This is a choice of four pre-defined subscription packages available on the 'subscription options' menu.

Bespoke subscription: This allows schools to custom build their own subscription package using the 'bespoke calculator' (we recommend schools use this method to create a provision solution to meet your individual school needs).

Partnership subscription: This subscription option allows a partnership of schools to custom build a joint subscription to meet the needs of the partnership; individual schools can still create their own subscriptions to run parallel to this if they wish. If you are interested in a 'partnership subscription' please contact Paul Scott to discuss your requirements further on 07961 213621 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

All subscriptions allow schools to make substantial savings on courses, consultancy, loan equipment and other core team provision.

Please click here to view details of the packages and use the left hand menu to register your subscription online. Please note an Early Bird price is availble until 19 September 2014.

If you need assistance in selecting the best option to suit your school’s individual requirements please contact one of our link consultants on 01274 434832.


Published: 17/09/2014
Audience: Headteachers, ICT Co-ordinators
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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