Digital Leader in the New English Curriculum - Day One - 1 Oct

This is a three day Curriculum Innovation course which will lead to a 'Digital Leader in the New English Curriculum (Primary)' accreditation. It will be a blended learning course with online content to access and gap tasks to complete before and after each session.

Session 1 – Wednesday 1st October
Hands on session discussing and evaluating how a range of present and new technologies can be utilised effectively in schools including whiteboard software, digital cameras, visualisers, voting systems, tablet devices (specifically iPads), audio recording devices, QR codes, Kindles and blogs. This will include understanding how technology can be used to create digital portfolios of pupil work to assess and evidence progress.
Spoken Language: Investigate how to make effective use of a range of technology, content, software and apps to support this element of the programme of study with a specific focus on recording, listening, evaluating, peer assessing, editing and re-recording children speaking using digital audio and video.

Session 2 – Wednesday 28th January
Reading: Explore a range of software, apps and devices that can be used to support reading and specifically phonics. Create digital reading records that can be shared with peers and parents. Investigate ways mobile technology can be used to engage and improve comprehension skills in individual and group reading activities. Explore a range of digital texts (including film clips) and how some simple techniques and technologies can be used to develop the ability to infer and deduce. Create audio books and online book reviews to share or co-produce with others. Understand how to create simple 'how to' videos that model reading strategies and techniques to share with parents and carers. Be able to dissect a digital text to demonstrate specific elements of a text using a whiteboard or tablet. Record 'hot seating' character activities using video. Create recordings of recitals and enhance these through performance poetry videos that can be shared with others. Explore how pupil 'Digital Leaders in English' can support the effective use of technology across the school. 

Session 3 – Wednesday 10th June
Writing: Investigate a range of software, apps and devices to engage and raise attainment in writing. Learn how to use short films effectively as a visual text to model text structure and as a stimulus and scaffold for writing. Explore a range of software, apps and online content that can be used to develop key vocabulary, grammar and punctuation. Use online tools to write for real 'worldwide' audiences through resources such as blogs and then rewrite texts based on peer feedback. Video conference with real authors and characters from texts. Record and evidence decision making and changes they have made to a text through annotation, audio and video. Examine your school's English curriculum and begin to develop that by adding appropriate uses of technology covered within the course.



1/10/14, 28/1/15 and 10/6/15


09:00 – 15:30


The Innovation Centre Bradford


£510 subscribing schools
£540 non-subscribers

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Published: 17/09/2014
Audience: English subject leaders and teachers - Primary Phase
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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