Changes in Early Childhood Services

Message from Paul Makin, Assistant Director for School Improvement.

Dear Colleague

Welcome back from the summer break.

There have been some recent developments in Early Childhood Services (ECS) which I would like to update you on.

The start of the new term saw Early Childhood Services move into the Education and School Improvement which is in my remit.  Previously ECS came under the direction of George McQueen in Access and Inclusion.  

This change reflects the Local Authority’s commitment to the further development of integrated services for young children and their families. The combined expertise of Early Childhood Services and schools will support the broader agenda within Children’s Services of making a difference to all children, especially those who need it most.

Bradford has an established history of recognising the importance of, and valuing, the Early Years in children’s lives and this move will help to both sustain and further develop that legacy.  With Early Childhood Services and Education and School Improvement Services working under one management, the LA will be able to ensure that there is the best co-ordination and effective use of resources to ensure school readiness.

School Admissions, previously managed in my service arm, will transfer to Access and Inclusion and be managed by George.

If you need any further details or have any questions please contact me, 01274 385676.

Yours sincerely

Paul Makin,  Assistant Director – School Improvement



Published: 16/09/2014
Audience: ALL
Contact: Communications Team

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