Key Stage 4 Results Day - Thursday 21 August

The return of end of Key Stage 4 results via the Results Collection Dashboard on Bradford Schools Online (BSO) is due by 9:30 on Thursday 21 August.

A news item was published on 18 July 2014 about the results collection process.

To access the Results Collection Dashboard users need a BSO username and password to be able to complete the information needed.

Follow the link above or alternatively, once logged in, click on the Utilities drop down, and click on Key Stage 5/4 Results Collection

When returning results please remember to include data for both your 'Best Results' following the 2013 methodology but including changes following the Wolf Review recommendations, and your 'First Entry' results based on the 2014 methodology following the implementation of the Wolf Review recommendations and the changes to the early entry policy.

Further information about this can be found in the KS5 / KS4 Results category under the 'Help' section. Please also include a breakdown of these results by Pupil Premium.

If you experience problems with the collection dashboard or results, have results missing from boards, or cannot provide a full picture of analysis please provide what you can via the dashboard and put a note in the section at the bottom of the collection page, or give us a call to give an update on your situation, we can then support you with this.

If you need to get in touch about the results collection please contact Sue Rusling 01274 385743.


Published: 21/08/2014
Audience: Headeachers, Senior Leadership Team, Exam Officers, Data and Assesment
Contact: Sue Rusling

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