URGENT Resubmission of EYFS, Key Stage 1 or Phonics Assessment data

Please note that if you have resubmitted or amended your EYFS, Key Stage 1 or Phonics Assessment data you MUST EMAIL us to let us know.

If this is the case please EMAIL tom.beaumont@bradford.gov.uk or christopher.holroyd@bradford.gov.uk to let us know.

Once we have received an email confirmation of your amendments/ resubmission we will then take an updated export of your data and send it back to you via S2S so you can check to ensure it is now correct.

We cannot guarantee that any requested amendments have been made to your file without an email confirmation.

Many Thanks


Published: 17/07/2014
Audience: Headteachers, Business Managers, Administrators
Contact: Chris Holroyd

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