Free School Meals application form – NEW and IMPROVED!

Our online application form has been updated so that the user can now see whether they qualify or not, whilst they are using the form.

Parents who use the online application will be told if they qualify for free school meals at the point of application. If they do qualify the form will be sent to the Free School Meal team for processing in the usual way. If they do not qualify they will be asked if they wish to provide further evidence to verify their eligibility.


We are asking schools to encourage parents to use the new online application form instead of the paper form as not only will it give parents an immediate answer, the form is also transmitted to the Free School Meals team electronically and thus can be processed much more quickly. Use of the new online form will also mean that the Free School Meal team do not have to process applications that are not eligible.


Schools should still only officially record a child as being eligible for Free School Meals on their systems when they receive the usual notification from the Free School Meals team.


Schools should be advertising details of free school meals on their own school websites as this is often where parents will look to find information. Please use the link to the online form as below. Do not use a copy of the paper application form as we will be looking to reduce use of this from in the future.


Please note the online application form can only be used by parents of children at schools who use our Free School Meals administration service.


Published: 07/07/2014
Audience: Headteachers, Business managers, parental involvment workers
Contact: Jane OConnor

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