Are you interested in installing solar panels?

The Council’s Energy Team and Building and Technical Services can provide free advice on the deals available and also offer a free energy survey.

The Council now has staff trained to install solar panels and there is the possibility of accessing a loan fund to assist the cost of installing solar panels, or schools can fund the installation themselves. 


This means that schools retain all the income from the Government’s ‘Feed in Tariff’; with the potential to generate free energy and create an income for many years after the cost of installation has been repaid.

More information is available on the Education Buildings Team page (under Buildings on the site contents page).

If you are considering solar installation or would like to find out more please contact:

Darren Starkey in the Education Buildings Team on 01274 437366 or e-mail

Further information here.


Published: 03/07/2014
Audience: All schools
Contact: Darren Starkey

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