Perspective Lite

Some schools have experienced difficulty accessing Perspective Lite which is being used to provide early access to EYFSP, Phonics and Key Stage 1 results as part of the data assurance process.

The Perspective Lite username and original password that was created for your school to access Perspective Lite is available to Level 1 users from the My Passwords section after they have logged into the secure area of Bradford Schools Online. 

If this password does not work, it is likely that the password has been changed by the school.

Bradford Council cannot reset Perspective Lite passwords.  Schools should in the first instance click here to follow the automated process to retrieve their password.  If this doesn’t work, please contact the Perspective Lite Helpdesk by email or by phone (0845 1297196).


Published: 01/07/2014
Audience: For all Primary Headteachers, assessment coordinators and administrative staff
Contact: Jonny Trayer

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