EYFSP Data available via Perspective Lite

If your school returned their EYFSP data within the submisison window (19/06/14 - 20/06/14), your data has been processed for validation and is now available to view via Perspective Lite.

You should review your data to ensure that it is correct. If there are any discrepancies please contact the Data Collection Team on 07582 103030 or 07582 109278 before 26 June 2014.

 After the 26 June your data cannot be amended and will be submitted to the Analysis Team, who will use it for any publications. 

For information on how to access Perspective Lite please refer to the "What happens to your data once it has been submitted?" section via the following link: here


Published: 24/06/2014
Audience: Headteachers, Administrators, School Business Managers, EYFSP staff
Contact: Tom Beaumont

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