Faith in Our Schools, Celebrating Success in BD3

Schools in the Bradford 3 area are celebrating their successful partnerships with local Madrassahs at a ‘Faith in Our Schools’ event due to take place on Wednesday 18th June 2014, 6pm at Lapage Primary School.



This event builds on previous events held at local schools.   

With support from Bradford Council’s Diversity and Cohesion Team, a partnership was formed calling itself BD3 Faith in Our Schools Group made up of local schools and engaging local faith groups. 

The aim of this group is to develop strong, supportive partnerships with all stakeholders including parents / carers, the local authority, relevant agencies, mainstream and supplementary schools. This will result in sharing of information, resources and ideas to enhance children’s attendance at school, learning and attainment as well as citizenship. 

One of the key aims of this partnership is to celebrate the work of faith groups locally as an example of the positive contribution they make towards children’s learning experience and to share their success.

BD3 schools will work with local faith groups to help improve teaching and learning and activities as well as safeguarding young people. The partnership also aims to increase pupils’ motivation to learn, build individual self confidence and the ability to work effectively in groups.

Faith organisations deliver lessons which stimulate children’s’ appreciation of their community language and beliefs so that children may understand, enjoy and participate in cultural activities, festivals, celebrations and appreciate their rich heritage.  It helps to form a strong sense of identity, appreciate other cultures and to express themselves. Research also shows that children who are literate in their mother tongue have a much greater chance of succeeding in other languages and other curriculum subjects.

Children from local Madrassahs, churches, temples and Gurdwaras will be taking part in this event reciting, delivering presentations, making speeches and showcasing their work. 

Wahid Zaman, Headteacher of Lapage Primary School, said: “The partnership is committed to providing a platform that values and respects each child and the personal experiences they bring to the mainstream school.  We welcome leaders of all faiths into the school and are fully committed to a true partnership between the child, home, school and their places of worship.”

The event will also celebrate pupils’ success and achievements in recognition of the work of supplementary schools and achievement of children’s GCSE success in their community languages.

Contact for further information:

Wahid Zaman, Headteacher of Lapage Primary School on 01274 770170


Published: 09/06/2014
Audience: ALL
Contact: Javed Bashir

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