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We want to talk to young people in schools to let them know all about hate crime, and the affects it can have on lives. We are offering free training sessions to all young people

We are The Hate Crime group from Bradford People First; a self advocacy group of adults with learning disabilities.  Our members are professional trainers with a learning disability, who go out and train people all across Bradford about Disability Hate Crime, and The Bradford Hate Crime Strategy.

This year our groups focus is on young people in schools, as young people age 14- 17, are often involved in and victims of, hate crime and mate crime.

We have chosen to write to you because we know how important your job is supporting young people, to become good citizens and we would like you to be involved. 

We all want Bradford to be a more tolerant place, where all people feel safe to be part of their community.

Bradford's Hate Crime Strategy Clearly says that:

"We want schools to teach young people about hate crime and bullying, so that they grow up knowing that hate crime is wrong... We will ask the council to make sure that all schools have the things they need to teach about hate crime."

Hate crime affects 9 out of 10 adults with a learning disability, they are often bullied and victimised as they are easy targets.  There have many high profile cases of young people being involved in incidents with adults with a learning disability.

We want to help young people to understand all about hate crime and the impact it can have on lives, as well as making them aware of what impact committing hate crimes can have on their future.  

We are offering free training sessions to all young people.  We can do this in several ways through school assemblies, working with school governors to implement training packages in schools.  We could even provide training as part of schools PSHE module, focusing especially on the parts around bullying and becoming a good citizen.

Please see flyer.


Published: 03/06/2014
Audience: All
Contact: Hate Crime group

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