Year 6 Data Collection Sheets

Last year, there was an overwhelming majority of information sent to secondary schools using the new form.

The impact on transition for vulnerable students has been considerable.    Secondary schools have been able to collect a predictable set of data, in a predictable format and then do structured follow up visits when you have indicated that this is required.  This has meant that we have had more accurate picture of the learning and support needs of students coming to us. 

The Year 6 Data Collection Sheet can be found by clicking the Admissions button under the Data Tools / Reports panel from the “My School” page.

Please use the Year 6 Data Collection Sheets this year and send to the destination school as soon as possible so the provision is in place for students starting their new school in September. 

Many thanks for your time and support in this.  


Published: 22/05/2014
Audience: Primary Headteachers, Year 6 teachers, Primary School administrators
Contact: Sian Keely

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