Briefing Sessions - Proposed Changes to School Teachers' Pay and Conditions

September 2014 will bring more changes to school teachers’ pay and conditions, through the recent report submitted to the Secretary of State for Education by the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB).

The recommendations in the report build on the changes that we saw in the 2013 School Teachers’ Pay and Conditions Document (STPCD).   To help school leaders and their governing bodies prepare for these changes, the PACT HR Team will be running a series of briefing sessions during the summer term.

In order to provide the schools that we work with, with the maximum amount of time to prepare for the proposed changes, which cover leadership pay, safeguarding arrangements and non-pay related conditions, the PACT HR Team will be running an initial briefing session for Governors, Headteachers, Senior Leaders and HR Managers on the nature of the proposed changes and providing attendees with an opportunity to ask any questions they may have on the matters raised, along with providing feedback on their thoughts on these. 

When: Friday 6 June 2014             Monday 9 June 2014  
Where: Future House   Future House  
Time: 9:00 - 11:00am   1:00 - 3:00pm  


Ahead of the session:

In order to make the first session as productive as possible, there is a copy of the STRB 23rd Report available (see link at bottom of this page) for you to read and consider any questions you may have.  Also available is a feedback template for you to submit should you be unable to attend the session. 

The intention is to collate these questions into key themes for a frequently asked questions document.  If you are unable to attend or would like to submit your feedback ahead of the sessions, please send this to Jackie Atkinson

Later in the term the team will provide a revised model pay policy to reflect the changes to the STPCD and it is hoped that where possible this will be shaped to reflect your opinions, preferences and the feedback provided from this first briefing session.  

Following this, a further series of briefing sessions will be organised in July 2014 to provide you with a draft copy of our new Pay Policy, along with our proposed process for dealing with any appeals that may be received in school on individual’s pay.

If you would like to book a place on the above session, please contact the PACT HR Helpdesk on 01274 436644, or email Jackie Atkinson

We look forward to seeing you then.


Twenty-Third Report – 2014

Feedback Template


Published: 15/05/2014
Audience: Governors, Head teachers, Senior Leaders and HR Managers
Contact: Jackie Atkinson

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