Shipley Street Arts Festival: Free Events and Workshops for Local Schools

Q20 Theatre are proud to present a series of free events and workshops for schools in Shipley and Bradford, as part of the Shipley Street Arts Festival, taking place 26th – 28th June 2014. We are hoping to work with as many local primary schools as possible so as students benefit from the event.

Shipley Street Arts Festival will be a vast FREE event for residents and visitors to Shipley, supported by Bradford City Council and a number of local and national arts funding bodies, including the Arts Council England.

We are hoping to work with as many Shipley primary schools as possible, feeling our activities will benefit your students both for providing them with a chance to explore their artistic expression and show off their talents, and a sense of being part of the local community, as well as part of an international event.

The activities we are providing include:

SHIPLEY’ letters (from local artist, Hugh Jart)
We will be using large 8 foot high letters spelling “Shipley”, asking schools to take 1 letter and decorate it to be displayed throughout the three days of the festival. The details of the project can be left to each school, maybe as a class project, in a public area for all students of the school to decorate, or as a special project for groups of students chosen by you.

Magical Willow Creatures

We are offering the chance for students to take part in the creation of “willow creatures”. This project can be arranged in two ways, depending on your needs:

  • We can have a willow maker come to your school and run a workshop on the construction of the creatures with students, and then these can be decorated by the students.
  • Or we can deliver pre-constructed willow creatures for further decoration by a specific groups, classes, etc.

‘Uncle Tacko’s Imaginarium’ in Shipley town centre 26th - 28th June.

We are inviting schools to book a free spot at “Uncle Taco’s Imaginarium Show” as part of Shipley Street Arts Festival, located in the town centre. We hope you will help spread the word throughout your school, with classes and students signing up and coming down to see the show.

  • The show is suitable for 30 - 40 pupils per time slot, and the shows are approximately 20 min each.

Please feel free to book your class, or a series of classes in for the show by contacting Q20 Theatre.

This really is a unique and wonderful opportunity for your students to get involved creatively in a huge Shipley event. It will give them a chance to feel their creativity is being displayed alongside international artists, and help develop their understanding and relationship with their community and the arts.

Please contact Q20 theatre for further information.


Published: 09/05/2014
Audience: Head teachers, Parents, Students, School Governors, Office staff
Contact: John Lambert

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