Employment Opportunities Fund (EOF) – New Funding for Bradford District

Incommunities have been successfully delivering the Employment Opportunities Fund (EOF) over the past year, as part of the “Get Bradford Working Programme” which targeted at 18-24 year olds who have been claiming Job seekers Allowance for between 26 and 39 weeks.

We have been offered additional funding through Bradford Council for the Leeds City Region (LCR) Head Start programme which will involve an additional 276 funded jobs for 30 weeks. 

We are working through the detail and have started some activity in March as Head Start has a fixed 18 month window – which means that all LCR Participants need to have started by March 2015 to complete the required 26 weeks in employment within the time window.

We are conscious that whilst we have engaged over 60 local employers, we have not had EOF Participants within education settings.  We are looking to distribute the attached flyer (which is primarily aimed at prospective participants) with the following key points for employers as all participants are Incommunities employees:

  • As all participants are Incommunities employees under a secondment agree with the host employer, employers MUST adhere to Incommunities Human Resources procedures
  • Each position MUST demonstrate community additionality
  • Each position MUST be additional and not part of core roles (ie not displace existing staffing levels)
  • As all positions are additional and have community additionality the level of responsibility needs commensurate with supporting the target group into sustainable work (the title of ‘Assistant’ is the required Job Description and Personnel specification is key)
  • All employers MUST commit to supporting the participant with their training needs and on-going job search as the project is about them using the project as a stepping stone into sustainable employment.

The process for enquiring is reasonably straight forward as expression of interest need to be logged via e-mail to eof@incommunities.co.uk , a pack is then sent out for completion and submission by required deadline.  At this stage we are only looking for expressions of interest for one Participant per organisation.

Feedback from the 60 organisations we are working with to date is that these roles can service additionality in terms of the ‘if only’ roles – ie. we could do this if only ……  However, participants must not have any significant lead responsibility – this is responsibility of core staff hence the term ‘Assistant’ in the required Job Description and Personnel Specification is key.


Published: 30/04/2014
Audience: All Education Partners
Contact: Craig Williams

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