£100 worth of books up for grabs for parents who answer survey

As part of local campaigning research, the National Literacy Trust is asking teachers to please include in any of their newsletters to parents the short note and quick survey below which offers the chance to win £100 worth of books for one lucky parent.

Dear Parents,

The National Literacy Trust is giving away £100 worth of books which one lucky parent who answers a couple of questions on their thoughts on the word ‘literacy’ will win.

To enter the prize draw, please provide your email address which will not be used for any marketing purposes. The National Literacy Trust will only contact you if you have won the prize. 

Please see below:


  1. Do you know what the word literacy means?                     Yes/   No/   Not sure


         If so, what does the word mean to you?


  1. In your local area, would you prefer to get involved with:

a)       A literacy campaign

b)       A reading campaign

c)       Both equally the same  

d)       Neither 

Many thanks for your time






Published: 24/04/2014
Audience: All parents via schools
Contact: Jo Franks

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