e-DBS goes live!

From 7th April 2014 all DBS checks will be processed online.

As you are aware we are continuing to review our services to ensure we improve our performance and achieve better value for money.  One of the areas which is now being improved is the DBS process


The HR Vetting Team is pleased to announce the launch of a simple easy online DBS check process which will result in a much easier, secure and convenient process which is achieved in a fraction of the previous time.  This is a web based application and is available 24-7 and can be accessed from any internet connection (home, work, family/friends, libraries, internet cafes etc). This will enable the form to be easily completed and will prevent errors as data is validated to ensure that it contains the correct information prior to submission.

All new requests should now be made online.  Any paper DBS applications received within the immediate 2-3 weeks after 7th April (up to the end of the Easter holidays) will be processed in paper form and subject to the 4-6 weeks timescale. Any paper DBS application forms received after 25th April 2014 will not be processed, and online DBS forms must be completed instead.

For further guidance and to apply, please visit our website www.pact-hr.co.uk. or contact the team on 01274 435322 for more details.



Published: 07/04/2014
Audience: Headteachers, School Business Managers, Identity Checkers
Contact: HR Vetting Team

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