16-19 Bursary Fund – Recycled Funds after 30 April 2014

As of the 30 April 2014 schools are expected to ‘recycle’ any unused funding that has previously been paid to them in respect of vulnerable group students.

For example, where a student leaves their course early after receiving part of their bursary payment, institutions should use the unspent funding on other vulnerable student bursaries. Should an institution have any surplus funding that has previously been paid to them for vulnerable student bursaries, they should use this to pay discretionary bursaries after 30 April 2014.


If an institution uses these unspent funds in this way and then identifies a new vulnerable student, they should make a claim for funding in the usual way, via the funding claim form. They would then put ‘0’ in the Recycled Funding column of the form.


Published: 31/03/2014
Audience: Heads of Post 16, School Business Managers
Contact: Alistair Marshall

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