Mainsream School educating a child with Down syndrome willing to be filmed

The Down Syndrome Training & Support Service is seeking a mainstream school, preferably primary, which is currently educating a child with Down syndrome and willing to be filmed doing so.



Members of the Japanese Broadcasting Company are coming from Japan week beginning 7th April for one week only (so the timescale is very tight, not to mention the short notice). In Japan children with Down syndrome do not go into mainstream schools and with the introduction of the non invasive test on the horizon they are wishing to film children with Down syndrome in mainstream education and also myself delivering training to a school. They will then be going on to Germany to do the same.

Ii is fully appreciated that it is a big ask, particularly around safeguarding issues and the disruption a Japanese camera crew will cause but if can help could you contact Wendy Uttley asap,


Dr Wendy Uttley
Group Coordinator & Trainer
Down Syndrome Training & Support Service Ltd
The Pamela Sunter Centre
2 Whitley Street
BD16 4JH

Tel/fax: 01274 561308


Published: 04/04/2014
Audience: Schools including a child with Down syndrome
Contact: Wendy Uttley

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