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"1stClass@Number provides the teaching tools that enable monitoring of progress as well as the all important good quality learning. The Programme provides excellent value for money." Mrs Eileen Fitzpatrick, Headteacher, Ashlands Primary School, Bradford.

1stClass@Number (v1) is a successful, innovative, light touch intervention, usually delivered by a well-trained teaching assistant or sometimes by a teacher. It helps children to get back on track and catch up with their peers. It is for small groups of children who need a helping hand with mathematics. It was created and developed in the classroom by the Every Child Counts team at Edge Hill University, is very easy to run and lessons and resources are all prepared.  A Link Teacher from the school supports the 1stClass@Number Leader and will attend the first morning and the last half day of the professional development.
Intended outcomes for learners:
1stClass@Number (v1) is delivered by a trained teaching assistant or teacher. It is for groups of three or four children who are assessed at L1C at the start of the intervention with an aim of helping them catch up with their peers who are working within L2. The lessons directly address key barriers to learning in mathematics.
1stClass@Number Leaders provide small group work (24 x 30 minute lessons) which supports children to develop and secure their understanding of key early mathematical knowledge. Nationally over 8,000 children have taken part in 1stClass@Number since 2011, making average number age gains of 10 months in one term.
Intended outcomes for participants:
1stClass@Number Leaders start delivering the content to children in the first week after training session one.  In each of the training sessions 1stClass@Number Leaders have the opportunity to explore and develop their mathematical subject knowledge. 1stClass@Number (v1) provides adaptable lesson plans, guidance and prepared resources for each of the 24 lessons.
Every training session provides the participants with time to engage in supported in-depth study of the lesson content and structure.  1stClass@Number Leaders learn how to make initial assessments in each topic and how to adapt the lesson plans for the children they are working with.  Previous 1stClass@Number Leaders tell us that this professional development also helped them to support mathematics more effectively in class.
1stClass@Number has positive impact for 1stClass@Number Leaders and children because the Link Teachers and teaching assistants attend the first morning and last half day of training together. The Link Teachers attend two half days of training to familiarise them with the programme to enable them to provide light-touch support in school and, at the end of the first term, review the impact with the 1stClass@Number Leader. This PD time together ensures that the 1stClass@Number Leader’s input is maximised because Link Teachers can support the programme roll out with ease from the planning phase and throughout implementation.


Published: 02/04/2014
Audience: Teaching Assistants,Teachers, Numbers Count Teachers, Mathematics Subject Leaders, SENCOs
Contact: Sue Sutcliffe

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