Pupils Missing Out on Education

Thank you to all schools who have submitted information regarding children who are not in accessing full time education in the usual way. If you have not yet completed the return we have extended the deadline until Monday 31 March 2014. Your cooperation with this is much appreciated

In November 2013 Ofsted published a report regarding children not in receipt of full time education. Following visits to 15 Local Authorities Ofsted, noted that ‘too many children and young people were not receiving full time education’.

Ofsted was also concerned that children who only received part time education or who have none at all can become invisible which is a safeguarding issue as well as an education issue.

Here is the full report

At the present time Bradford Children’s Services have robust systems in place which identify children for whom they are directly responsible who are not in receipt of full time education. These include:-

  • Children who have lost their places in schools having failed to return from leave of absence
  • Children missing (with their families) from Bradford schools
  • Children not on the roll of a school
  • Children receiving Home Tuition
  • Children in hospital schools
  • Pregnant or new school age mothers
  • Excluded pupils
  • Pupils who are in custody
  • Children Missing from Education

Ofsted also recommend that LAs should establish a central record of all children not accessing full time education in the usual way, including those who are accessing alternative provision full time away from mainstream school, regardless of where they are on roll. They also recommend that all schools should inform that local authority of all pupils who have part time education arrangements or are accessing full time education away from mainstream school.

This would include:

  • Pupils on the roll of a school who attend off site provision full time
  • Pupils on the roll of a school on reduced timetables as part of behaviour plans
  • Pupils on the roll of a school accessing part time alternative provision

Ofsted recommends that Schools, including Academies and Free Schools should inform the LA of any part-time education arrangements regardless of school type.

Next Steps

We propose to collect data from all schools regarding children who are not in receipt of a full time, on site education every term. The first collection will take place immediately and we request you complete the data collection spreadsheet, which can be downloaded here, and return to Neil Hellewell, Principal Education Social Worker no later than Monday 31 March 2014.

Further collections will take place in

September 2014

January 2015

After Easter 2015

The data collection applies to all schools: Primary, Secondary, Academies and Free Schools


Published: 26/03/2014
Audience: Headteachers, Attendance Leaders
Contact: Neil Hellewell

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