SEN in the Early Years - Using the Early Years SEN Support Grid

Quality First Course 1st April, 9 - 12 Future House £90 p/p Apply via courses desk

How do you know when children with additional needs in the EY are making good progress?  At what point do you need to consider statutory assessment?


These and many more questions can now be answered using the Early Years SEN Support Grid.  This course will look in depth at this tool and through use of a number of case studies explore how you can use this to maximum impact.

By the end of the course you will have:


Developed a clear understanding Early Years SEN Support Grid;

Explored how to track progress using the grid;

Practiced setting challenging targets for young children with SEN in the Early Years.


Published: 21/03/2014
Audience: EYFS staff / Sencos
Contact: Ruth Denis

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