Bradford plays key role in international maths and technology programme

Europe-wide links are being forged as Bradford schools work with others in the EU. One such Council-led initiative is the Weird to Wired Comenius Regio Project, funded by the European Union. Its main aim is to develop the use of new technologies in the mathematics classroom.

The project, which started in 2012, involves consultants from the council working with Parkside School’s Maths Department and maths teacher trainers from Bradford College to use EU funding to collaborate with an international school in Rotterdam to develop the use of new technologies in the mathematics classroom.

The project involves the partners working as a group to develop lessons using new technologies to engage learners with maths, trialing and sharing the lessons with colleagues in school and college. iPads have been used by students to film their explanations of challenging questions, developing their mathematical explanations and understanding (key to exam success); to explore the effect of enlargement on length, area and volume, addressing the common misconceptions that occur in this topic; to develop their understanding and use of mathematical vocabulary, which is a significant barrier to answering exam questions successfully. Students have responded very positively to the technology based lessons.

The Bradford team have further developed their professional skills by teaching in their partner school, Comenius College, in Rotterdam to model and share the good practice through learning exchanges. Vanessa Wears, the Bradford Council maths consultant who leads on the Comenius Project for the district, said: "Teachers involved in this project have found this approach to training invigorating, energising and exciting.”

In addition, Thornton Grammar School’s maths department has been awarded funding to collaborate with science and maths teachers in Iceland, Greece and Romania to develop outdoor learning and the use of technologies in mathematics.

Also Carlton Bolling College has been awarded funding to collaborate with schools in Cyprus, Denmark, Germany, Poland, Romania, Sweden and Turkey to help students adapt to and cope better in work environments in which employers demand increased creativity, adaptability, co-operation skills and responsibility.

During 2014, Buttershaw Business and Enterprise College and Tong High School will be working with the Vanessa Wears to bid for further funding to develop a project with an Eastern European partner to improve literacy and talk in the maths classroom. Also this year, Titus Salt School will be working with Council science consultant Viki Weaver on a bid to develop Assessment for Learning practices with a team in Norway, looking at different ways of assessing students explicitly to move their learning forwards (rather than assessing for a final grade.

Further information: Vanessa Wears on 07582109320


Published: 10/03/2014
Audience: All Headteachers and Staff
Contact: Fiona Binns

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