Using iPads to Change the Class Dynamic Course - 25 March 9.00 -12.00

This half day course will explore how the way teachers and pupils work can be adapted, developed or completely changed through the use of iPads and iPod touches in and out of the classroom.

We will examine:

  • How teachers and children can create personalised content to be accessed at different times.
  • How to use iPads and iPod touches to work collaboratively with other children who may or may not be in the same class, school or country.
  • How children can reflect on their learning and access extra resources to support understanding.
  • How a number of creative skills can be learnt and used again and again for different skills in different subjects.
  • Gain instant feedback by turning iPads and iPod touches into a free interactive voting system.

There will be the chance to sign up for free online accounts to enable teachers to begin using these.

For more details and to book onto the course visit our website: under the ‘Provision/Courses and Subscriptions’ menu or ring courses desk – 01274 385618.

Dates and time:        25/03/14 (09.00 – 12.00)
Venue:                        The Innovation Centre Bradford, Bradford Design Exchange, 34 Peckover Street, Little Germany,
                                     BD1 5BD
Cost:                           £90

For further information about the course content please contact:



Published: 10/03/2014
Audience: ICT Subject Managers, School Technicians - Primary Phase
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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