Developing an Appropriate Curriculum - Sound & Music/Data Handling 18 March

This Curriculum Innovation course will enable delegates to understand how the effective use of ICT can be used to drive whole school improvement. Attendees will have a good understanding of how the 2 strands of the Bradford ICT scheme of work can be integrated into your school's creative curriculu

During this 'hands-on' course delegates will have the opportunity to look at two strands of the Bradford ICT scheme of work in detail - 'Sound and Music' and 'Data Handling'. They will consider how both these strands can link with their school's creative curriculum.

In the morning we will investigate examples of how the use of digital audio can motivate children by providing them with the opportunity to write purposefully for a real audience. We will examine how such resources can be easily incorporated into curriculum planning and how to utilise the technology effectively in a classroom setting.

The afternoon session will involve looking at ways teachers have used a variety of data handling technologies to enhance their lessons and how pupils have used the same resources to problem solve 'real life scenarios' using a range of data.


Note - Delegates can either choose to attend this as a full day course for £170 or opt to attend either the morning or afternoon session at a cost of £90 per session.

For more details and to book onto the course visit our website: under the ‘Provision/Courses and Subscriptions’ menu or ring courses desk – 01274 385618.

Dates and time:        18/03/14 (09.00 – 15.30 or 09.00-12.00 / 12.30-15.30)
Venue:                         Innovation Centre Bradford,  Design Exchange, 34 Peckover Street, Little Germany,  BD1 5BD
Cost:                           £170 full day / £90 half day session

For further information about the course content please contact



Published: 10/03/2014
Audience: ICT Subject Leaders - Primary Phase
Contact: Sarah Hawkins

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