120 secondary students support major project and exhibition

More than 120 students from 10 secondary schools across the Bradford District are supporting a major project and exhibition which tackles prejudice based on the life and experiences of the young Jewish diarist, Anne Frank.

This will be the fourth visit of the Anne Frank [+ you} exhibition in Bradford where pupils have been trained as Anne Frank Ambassadors. They will guide school parties and visitors around the exhibition between 19 March and 10 April 2014 sharing Anne’s experience as well as their own. The exhibition is supported by an education pack on the Stand up, Speak out, Make a Difference theme.

The launch of the ‘Anne Frank [+ you] exhibition takes place on Wednesday 19 March   between 6:00pm and 8:00pm at Kala Sangam, St. Peter’s House, Bradford where there will be contributions from student ambassadors and a drama piece by Ignite Theatre Group from Tong High School, as well as a live rap performance from Bradford Literacy Hub Manager, Imran Hafeez. There will also be a presentation by Syrian Humanitarian, Hisham Al-Mahayni.

Bradford Council’s Children’s Services Diversity and Cohesion team has organised the exhibition and devised the pack which follows the tragic experiences of Anne Frank but looks to address what the current human rights issues are that affect our student population.

The handwritten account of living in hiding from the Nazis before being caught and sent to a concentration camp is synonymous with prejudice across the world.

Starting from Anne Frank’s writings and experiences, the exhibition is a journey of self-exploration for visitors.  Themes that Anne wrote about in her diary, such as racial hatred, war and conflict and the value of democracy and freedom are presented in an up-to-date and contemporary fashion, along with filmed interviews with British teenagers discussing their own views, concerns and hopes for the future.

A full-scale replica of the bedroom where Anne Frank hid from the Nazis for two years is displayed at the thought-provoking exhibition which is linked to an education resource pack exploring human rights, prejudice and stereotypes. The Diversity and Cohesion team peer education training programme helps prepare students for their Ambassador roles at the exhibition which links Anne’s diary to human rights issues, looking at race, democracy, rights and responsibilities.  The Education pack has gone out to every school in the district.

Coun Ralph Berry, Executive Member for Children’s Services said:  "The Anne Frank story is an inspiration to us all and is a great opportunity for young people to visit the exhibition and see for themselves the importance of this story of respect for others”.

Alina Khan, Diversity and Cohesion School Advisor and Project Lead said: "We have developed the project over six years, and each year we ask young people to choose what they stand up and speak about, after learning about the experiences of Anne Frank. Last year, students chose to address grooming and the effect that social media has on their day-to-day lives. This became the focus of the peer education activities this year, and the student ownership of these issues has been overwhelming. Student voice is probably the most powerful tool a school has, and to see it being used so effectively to address issues that really matter to young people is having a really profound impact.”

Schools involved are Tong High School, Beckfoot School, St Bede’s Catholic Boys Schools, Laisterdyke Business and Enterprise College, Appleton Academy, Hanson Academy, Carlton Bolling College, Grange Technology College, Belle Vue Boys School and Thornton Grammar School.

Contact:  Alina Khan, Diversity and Cohesion School Advisor on  07582 103098.


Published: 10/03/2014
Audience: All Headteachers and Staff
Contact: Fiona Binns

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