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NOW TAKING BOOKINGS FOR 2022 / 23 - BOOK NOW !!! Fishing has many benefits for mental health and wellbeing as well as learning a new skill, respecting nature, building confidence and improving co ordination, conduct, behaviour, patience, focus, concentration & resilience.

We deliver our sessions at Farview Fishing Lakes which is based in a beautiful location on the outskirts of Bradford.  

Below is an example of a fishing programme that we can deliver :

Transportation: Your School will need to arrange the transportation of children, to and from the location.

Location: Farview Fishing Lakes, Lee Lane, Wilsden, Bradford BD16 1UF

Days: Any Tuesday or Thursday (November, February, March, April or May) excluding school holidays and weekends)

Times: 10:00 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 15:00 (flexible but this allows for lunch, the cleansing of equipment for a possible change over of 8 more children)

Overview: Up to a maximum of 8 children fishing at any one time, supervised by two tutors.

All equipment will be provided by our service and set up by our tutors, ready for the arrival of the children on site.

On arrival, children will be briefed about the facility and informed about behaviour and expectations.

Each child will be allocated a shared peg (a space where they will remain throughout the session)

Each child will be provided with their own seat, bait and fishing tackle (including umbrella if needed)

Tutors will provide basic information about fishing and the various techniques used.

Children will be encouraged to fish independently with our tutors available only to assist where and when necessary.

Children will find out about the species of fish they catch and will also have a photo opportunity if they wish to do so (School staff to arrange this) before the fish are returned safely back to the water.


Additional information provided by our Service :

Specific risk assessment for fishing

Fire safety plan

Day fishing tickets for each participant

Rod & line licences for each participant

Public liability insurance

Basic first aid

DBS Certified staff


Options available :

A 2 hour session fishing experience (10:00 - 12:00 or 13:00 - 15:00) - £250

A full day fishing experience (10:00 - 12:00 & 13:00 - 15:00) - £450

A series of days / weeks / months fishing experiences are available upon request.



The children at Horton Park had a fantastic day Fishing at Farview Fishing Lakes.  The team welcomed us with open arms on our arrival and gave the children an excellent prep talk so everyone were aware of what was going.

As soon as they started the children were intrigued and really enjoyed their experience.  It was the first time fishing for most of our groups from the feedback from the children we had comments like:-

“ I’m going to come back again with their family.”

“ This was the best trip ever”

“ I was so excited to catch the fish “

“ They were so many different types of fish, It was brilliant Sir can we come again “

Overall fantastic trip, Great team! will defiantly visit again.

Horton Park Primary School


Thanks again for a great experience that our young people had with you at Farview Fishing Lake. They were all talking about it on the way home and also the next day to their fellow students!

JAMES School


Just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thank you so much to Caleb and yourself for organising our fishing morning.  I really didn't know how my class would get on as they're a lively lot and never sit still!  BUT they all loved it and ask daily when we can come back again.  One of them even said it was the best trip since we went to a theme park a couple of years ago!  Their behaviour,  concentration, and patience was amazing and they made me really proud ??.

It was safe, well organised, and you guys were great with the kids.  Thanks again - it couldn't have gone better.  Hope to see you again soon.

Beechcliffe School


“What I liked about fishing was that it was fun, I got to hold a fish and I managed to catch a rare one.”

“I was the first person to catch a fish. I loved it”

“I liked that I got to hold the fish and pull the rod in and let them go. It was really fun”

“You have to wait for the fish to bite your rod, when the float goes under you pull it up. I liked holding the fish and having fun.”

“We had to be patient and quiet and more fish come. I caught 5!”

“The maggots were tickly on my hands and felt weird. I loved holding the fish, I called one Pepper. I loved it and would love to go again.”

I loved seeing all the fish. The maggots were ok, but I preferred the fish. I liked how we had to be patient. Thank you for teaching us.”

“I liked holding the maggots and learning about the different types of fish. Thank you.”

“Fishing helped be feel calm. When we caught one we could hold it – it was all slimy. I loved it!”

“I liked to touch the fish and liked that you could take them out of the water – they felt all scaley.”

“I learned a lot. Fish eat maggots and they are scaly and rough, but sometimes slimy. You had to be quiet and patient and concentrate on the float. I really enjoyed myself.”

It was a fantastic opportunity. The children loved it. The joy and excitement they had when they caught a fish was great to see. I’ve never seen some of the children we took sat so quietly and concentrate so hard. It was ran really well and the children learned a lot about the pastime, alongside developing their patience and concentration skills. We all had a super time and will definitely be trying to get back again with more children.  

Bradford Academy


The students have thoroughly enjoyed the Fishing trips. It has also helped us in school, giving the students an incentive to achieve their weekly targets to enable them to take part in these extra courses. Most students have engaged well and have learnt a variety of new skills as well as discipline and respect. The staff running the activities have had a good understanding of working with our challenging students whilst at the same time being clear on rules and what is expected. Some students that often struggle with concentration have focused for longer periods of time than usual and I think that was due to the quality of how organized the course was which kept them engaged. The staff were very clear on instructions which is what our students need so they know exactly what is expected of them.

This was a great trip and I can't wait to go again!!

I really enjoyed my fishing trips but I got frustrated after not catching for a long time but Lee kept me focused and it paid off I started catching.

This was my first time fishing and I was a bit scared because I haven’t ever seen a fish but I did catch one and I had my picture taken with it. 

Bradford AP Academy


Thanks for a couple of lovely days fishing. It was wonderful and the children loved it and were beaming both days when we got back to school. 

Fagley Primary School



Please email Lee Clapham at or contact 01274 435499 / 07582 101571 to book your session/s.




Published: 22/09/2022
Audience: All school staff
Contact: Lee Clapham

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