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Keeping Active is Fun, is a story book which includes 8 different stories and has taken us 13 months to complete.

My son Harvey, 14, has been involved in a number of projects to help the community during the pandemic.  

This involved collections for food banks, Christmas cards and letters for care home residents and staff, started a petition for an Annual NHS Day and last year asked schools and nurseries to make birthday cards to celebrate the NHS Birthday.  We delivered 2704 cards to hospitals.

Harvey also received The Young Active Citizens Award 2020.

Harvey has continued to explore ways to help the community and we would like to introduce Keeping Active is Fun which is a children’s story book inspired by Harvey. (Cover attached)

Keeping Active is Fun, is a story book which includes 8 different stories and has taken us 13 months to complete.

Harvey's inspiration is to help take the pressure off the NHS through encouraging primary school children to keep active and make healthy choices. 

We hope regular exercising and making healthy choices will help reduce illnesses such as heart disease, obesity and cancer.

I have been working with schools for over 6 years and understand how important it is to tackle obesity and encourage healthy habits.

Harvey designed 8 characters and I helped in writing 8 short stories for each character.

Each character plays a sport, remembers to wash their hands, especially before meal times, eats healthy, is being kind and accepting diversity and disability.  We have touched on a number of real-life issues in all 8 stories to ensure the stories are relatable.

Please click on the names to find links to the stories of Arjun, Jessica and Tom which we hope will provide you with some insight into the stories.

The characters are named Danny, Tilly, Arjun, Kristina, Jessica, Zach, Zara and Tom.

All the stories have been reviewed by Prof. A.R. Gatrad OBE DL, Consultant Paediatrician and Professor of Paediatrics and Child Health who has highly recommended our book to children of primary school age.

I work full time and therefore cannot commit to Harvey's project full time. I am contacting organisations during my 2 week Easter break to introduce our book.

I'm currently in contact with a number of local authorities with the hope to raise awareness of our book in schools and libraries and was wondering if this would be of interest to you to consider?

Sandwell, Dudley, Birmingham, Barnet, Leicester and Norwich Libraries will be stocking our book.

We have received interest from some schools which would like to gift children copies of our stories. We have therefore created mini books for each character as below...

This is not a profit-making project but another opportunity to help the community hence we are self-publishing.  

Thank you for your time and we look forward to hearing from you.


Kind regards,

Pam and Harvey





Published: 21/04/2022
Audience: Head Teachers and Teachers
Contact: Pam and Harvey

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