School Transitions Peer Mentoring for Secondary Schools in EAST and WEST

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YMCA Bradford are recruiting for TWO MORE schools - EAST & WEST to join our Changing Futures Mental Health Peer Mentoring programme

YMCA Bradford are recruiting for TWO MORE schools - in EAST & WEST localities to join our Changing Futures Peer Mentoring programme. We will support schools by training young people to deliver mental health initiatives in school and Peer Mentoring to support young people transitioning to secondary school.

The Changing Futures peer mentoring programme is delivered by students in years 9, 10, 11 and 12 supported by qualified and experienced YMCA Youth Workers.  The programme offers youth led emotional wellbeing mentoring and support for students making the transition from primary to secondary school.

As part of the programme students will be supported to deliver:

Peer Mentoring (training to take place over spring term)

Wellbeing sessions

Social Action projects

Assemblies & Workshops

Mental Health focused initiatives


Priority will be given to interested schools with high levels of pupils eligible for FSM and who can implement our Peer Mentoring training swiftly so mentoring can begin in summer term prior to transitions in September.


Schools interested in taking part should contact Chris Torrance by email at or phone 07785 659836


Published: 02/03/2022
Audience: Mental Health Champions, Safeguarding, Pastoral, Pastoral Support, Year Heads
Contact: Chris Torrance

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