IMPORTANT INFORMATION - Fixed term exclusions now Suspensions

To be completed by: Sat 29 Jan 2022

Time: -Sat 29 Jan 2022 | Venue:

As of September 2021 all Fixed Term exclusions should no longer be recorded as 'Fixed period' and should now be recorded as 'Suspensions'.

In preparation for the Spring school census in January 2022, schools will need to ensure that any fixed term exclusions from September 2021 onwards are recorded as suspensions to prevent errors in your census return.

Any previously recorded fixed term exclusions for the Autumn 2021 term will need to be updated to a suspension, if it has not already been recorded as such.

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Published: 28/01/2022
Audience: Headteachers, Teachers, Behaviour Support Staff, School Business Managers, Office Staff, Data Manage
Contact: Ross Holroyd

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