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Does your school want FREE access to music online that can be used within your curriculum? The music can form a basis for your PHSE curriculum.

Songdoo is a Creative Production Company founded by Phil Knight (Just Enough and Thinkably) to create music to help young or struggling musicians find a new way of earning a living. But with his knowledge of the problems facing children all over the country he has written an entire curriculum to help teachers talk about difficult topics they have to face in the PSHE Curriculum. All Free! 


It is called Songdoo for Education and it includes Bez Chats! Where Phil and a green monster called Bez talk about the difficult things children face today using real life conversations with children who have faced the same problems. All of this helps start the conversations in your classroom as they are only a few minutes long but are enough to allow you to begin a dialogue. There are also free resources you can use around your school as well as workshops you can book through Songdoo. Become a member for free and let children know there are many others feeling the same as they are and they do not have to feel that way.


Find out more at, become a member free of charge and put a world of music and learning in your school. 



Published: 05/01/2022
Audience: All
Contact: Charlie Jerram

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