Bradford Senior Mental Health Leads Training - DfE grant covers the cost!

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The Senior Mental health Leads course will be running again from March 2022 - the DfE grant means this course is FREE (worth £600)

The information you need regarding this suite of courses is here: DfE -accredited-mental-health-leads-training.

The booking link for the next suite of courses starting in March 2022 is .

Once you book on you will be given opportunity to join a peer support network and a DfE Leads group (unless you are doing the Chartermark in which case you will access a Chartermark monthly webinar). So there is lots of additional peer support for you as well as this course.

The DfE Grant application needs to be completed up to Friday 21 January. The DfE  are still encouraging evidence of booking to be submitted as soon as possible to ensure prompt payment so make sure you have an invoive once you book on; we can supply a letter as proof of purchase if needed. If learners are unable to meet this deadline, their training grant may be reallocated to another school or college on our waiting list.

If you have a query regarding the completion of the grant application, contact the ESFA Helpdesk.

Senior mental health lead training - GOV.UK ( for the latest information on grant availability and guidance. 

Please contact us on if you have further queriea and questions.

The course has received very good feedback!




Published: 13/12/2021
Audience: Head Teachers
Contact: Dr Kay Tasker-Smith

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