Students Followed on Way to School

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Two students have raised concerns that they were followed for a part of their journey to school at Appleton Academy this morning by a man who is not known to them.

The man is described as being of Black African descent, and was walking behind the students as they were on their way to school in the Low Moor area - near to the Royal Public House on New Works Road.  The man was wearing a black baseball style cap, a sports jacket and dark shoes. Students report that, as they increased their walking pace, the man did the same. This came to the attention of a passer by, who spoke to the girls to check on their wellbeing.  At this point, the man waved at the girls, turned and walked in the opposite direction. Both students are fine, but we have reported the incident to the police and will be assisting them by providing additional staff presence in the areas around school at the start and end of the day. 


Published: 24/11/2021
Audience: All
Contact: Craig Armitage

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