CyberFirst Girls Competition Launch 29th November

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Getting the right talent in place to protect us from online threats has led to the West Yorkshire Cyber Police creating a competition to encourage more girls aged 12 and 13 to understand why cyber security matters, what it involves and where a career in this field can lead.

This is  a fantastic opportunity to explore the wonderful world of cyber security.Through four characters; Captain, Logic, Chatter and Vision, girls will be empowered to pursue a career in cyber security and show them they’ve already got the traits to succeed in it.

For a short animated promo piece follow this link.

Or visit the CyberFirst Girls Competition website  to get the full story.

For more information contact

PC 6406 Allison

Cybercrime Prevent Delivery Officer

West Yorkshire Police


Published: 19/11/2021
Audience: Secondary IT Leaders, Pastoral Leaders, Careers
Contact: Geraldine Cooper

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