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We are closing some of our email accounts so that we can offer you a single email IMT access point for your queries and our communications.

The following email addresses will no longer be active from 2022:

Both accounts are temporarily set up to forward any emails that may come through, and both will be closed permanently within the next 6 months.

All email traffic has been redirected to, and this email address will be our single, and central, contact address for all areas of our work.

IT colleagues who manage the will continue to forward any queries to us and we will signpost these to the IMT Data Team inbox for future emails.

What Does This Mean?

The majority of our incoming emails already come through to this account, and most of you will use this email address already to get in touch.  We hope that by streamlining all of our email accounts into one there will be:

  • A consistent and timely response to all of your queries, from day to day data conflicts through to IMT Traded Service queries;
  • A clear and standard communication route into IMT;
  • Improved data within IMT to understand common queries and develop useful reporting and analytical solutions.

If you have any queries regarding these changes, please contact us using and we will be able to advise / support you to avoid any disruption.


Published: 04/11/2021
Audience: All
Contact: Pam Cresswell

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