Is your Access Register up to date?

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The Access Register is where you need to go to manage BSO accounts for staff at your school. It is particularly important your Level 1 administrators ensure the Access Register is kept up to date.

To ensure data on your school is kept secure and only available to those that need it, please ensure your Access Register is kept up to date. It is the responsibility of the Level 1 administrators to monitor the schools Access Register on a regular basis.

The Access Register can be used to:

  1. Add/ activate accounts for new members of staff
  2. Reset passwords
  3. Amend account details for staff, including name, email address and access level.
  4. Delete accounts for staff that have left or no longer require an account

If there are inactive accounts (accounts that do not have a tick in the Active? column) in your Access Register, please delete the account unless there's a requirement to keep it.


Please ensure accounts for staff that are no longer at the school are removed immediately. This will ensure they are not able to access secure information on your school once they have left. 


*A list of your level 1 administrators is displayed at the bottom of your school finder page.


Published: 15/09/2021
Audience: Head Teachers, Business Managers and Level 1 Admins
Contact: Azeem Hussain

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