Growbag - year round food growing programme in your school

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Most schools aren’t getting the maximum benefit from their garden. This is usually because of time and knowledge constraints. Grow to School know that children love it and it’s a chance for parents and carers to get involved too. We want to help make growing food a practical reality for all school

Grow to School partners with your school to support food growing with children and staff. The support you get:

  • A practitioner to guide you through – to deliver gardening sessions, staff training and help engage your community.
  • All seeds and plants, a diary, bedplan, instruction sheets and planting cards – everything you need to know.
  • A guide to how the garden links to the curriculum – from plant science to animal habitats, map making to maths.

Get in touch to discuss how we could work together. 

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Published: 08/09/2021
Audience: Headteacher, science lead, burser, school business manager, all teachers
Contact: Ama Chaney

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