Roller Blinds End Cap - Safety Alert – June 2021

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Following a serious near-miss incident at a special school in a neighbouring authority, we need to bring to your attention an issue with roller blinds.

A pupil removed a piece of plastic (end cap) from a roller blind in the classroom (the blinds in this instance were attached to the external classroom doors) and put it in front of another child who then put it into their mouth.

The pupil nearly swallowed the piece of plastic, it got stuck in his throat and he started to choke. The piece of plastic was ejected by staff who were paediatric first aid trained.

All the end caps have now been removed from the blinds within the school.

Action for all Schools

Please ensure that you check all your blinds to make sure the end caps are firmly in place and safely secured. If they are loose or easily removed in any way, please take them out and discard them immediately. Please ensure once the caps are removed the blinds don’t leave any sharp edges that could cause potential injury.

If you need any further advice, please contact the Occupational Safety Team 01274 431007.



Published: 30/06/2021
Audience: All
Contact: Lyn Sayles

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