Festival of the Dead - Dying to Talk

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The Universities of Bradford and Wolverhampton are recruiting schools to take part in 'Festival of the Dead' events. These are free events in Oct/Nov 2021, aimed at 14–19-year-olds.

The events encourage young people to be talk about death and bereavement, however, they are not morbid or depressing, but involve hands on activities designed to engage young people in debate. As part of the event, different approaches from around the world and through time will be discussed, showing the variety of beliefs surrounding death. While death is universal, reactions to it vary vastly. Engaging in conversation builds resilience, and recognises that death, while sad, is a natural part of life. 

Please click here to view the event poster.


Please get in touch with the project team via Aoife Sutton aasutto1@bradford.ac.uk to find out more. 


Published: 25/06/2021
Audience: RE and PSHE Teachers
Contact: Karina Croucher

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