*Free* Wellbeing Webinar Interactive Session: Transitioning to High School

To be completed by: Wed 30 Jun 2021

Time: -Wed 30 Jun 2021 | Venue:

Are your pupils moving up to secondary school in September? How are they feeling about it? Start the conversation around their mental wellbeing with our interactive film and activity session, led by an experienced youth worker. Use the form, assemblies or citizen time - sessions last 20/30 min

Youth in Mind 

Free Live Health & Wellbeing Webinars

Delivered digitally, directly into your school 

Our current film is around the transition from primary to secondary school and aims to get pupils thinking and talking about the move and how it will affect them, what they are worried about, what they are looking forward to. After the short film, pupils will be invited to get involved in a classroom discussion via our experienced youth worker on a webinar link. 

Designed for pupils, we deliver relevant digital episodes around mental health and wellbeing by fully trained engaging experts. 

  • Engage your pupils in 20-30 minutes

  • Get them talking & thinking about their wellbeing

  • Use your assembly/citizenship/form/tutor time

  • We will deliver a digital session directly into your classroom via a webinar broadcast link! 


(CTA) Contact us now to book your free session or for more information. 

Email: info@mymup.org 

Tel: 01274 897714


Published: 16/06/2021
Audience: All
Contact: Katie Baxter

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