Support payments for parents/carers of pupils told to self-isolate

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Below is a suggested message you may find helpful to let parents/carers know that they may be eligible to claim a self-isolation support payment of £500 if their child is required to self-isolate.  

Text informing a parent/carer that a bubble has to close and a child needs to self-isolate

As you are a parent/guardian of a child or young person who has been told to self-isolate you may be able to get a £500 self-isolation support payment.

You might be able to get the payment if you cannot work from home and need to take time off work to look after them.

The child must:

  • be 15 or under, or 25 or under if they have an Education, Health and Care plan (EHC)
  • live with you
  • normally be at school or in childcare
  • have been told to self-isolate by NHS Test and Trace or their school or childcare provider

You’ll need to meet the other eligibility criteria and you’ll need evidence that your child has been told to self-isolate.

Any application must be received within 42 days of the start of your self-isolation period.

To apply, or find out more information about the self-isolation support payment, visit Bradford Council’s website:



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Published: 11/06/2021
Audience: Headteachers, SLT, CEOs
Contact: Rebecca Smith

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