Pebble Art for Thank You Day on July 4

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Pebble art is a great way to engage with children and help them create a moment of thanks and reflection as we move in to the summer.

A national day of thank is taking place on July 4th,  this is a chance for everyone to reflect and thank those who have been on the front line and those who have made sacrifices to help during the Covid-19 pandemic.


Across Bradford district we are using the iconic white rose to help create a sea of flowers in all different areas. There will be real roses, knitted and crocheted versions, paintings and we hope pebble art flowers.


A great way to involve children in our district is through schemes like this, we want to add white rose painted pebbles to public and private spaces to show thanks to the community.


The number of painted stones and pebbles has increased in the last few years in our public spaces and is an easy way to encourage children to consider how their design links to the conversation.


Bradford council are encouraging children to show their thanks to people who have made sacrifices and shown support to the communities across our district.


Any white rose design can be used and we encourage the word thank you or thanks to be included in the design.


Please encourage your children or families you work with to get involved and place their completed stones in public or private spaces for everyone to enjoy.


Published: 04/06/2021
Audience: Students, families and communities
Contact: Emily Farlam

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