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Bradford Council still has a good number of Chromebooks; iPads and internet dongles available for allocation so please consider which children in your school could benefit. 

We are pleased that we have had some requests from schools for digital devices including wifi dongles. 

It is great that we are able to support more children to be digitally included. We still have a good number of devices available for allocation.

This is as a combination of a donation offer from Asda; devices that we have purchased, and others no longer needed by children they have been allocated to. 

Schools understand the needs of their pupils best, and you will have identified those who need a device or would benefit from internet connectivity. 

Despite most pupils returning to school we are still committed to supporting online learning. We understand that pupils will continue to need access to remote learning and some are still without devices or internet access. Digital Inclusion is a key project within the Education Covid Recovery and Improvement Programme. Our focus has been to provide Children Looked After; CIN;CP and other disadvantaged pupil groups with a digital device and internet connectivity

If you would like to request devices or have any queries please contact Sharon Sanders on 07973982939


Please note, only schools should get in touch. It is not possible to take direct requests from parents and carers.   




Published: 19/05/2021
Audience: All school staff
Contact: Rebecca Smith

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